L2Cryptonite Informations

Rates: xp 75x / sp 75x adena 2.8x

Server: Full C6 Server with some custom modifications.

Safe enchant +3 & Max enchant is with scale.

Special AIO Buffer

There is a support buffer spawned in every important town The buffs last for 1hour and are free of charge. There is an option to save your buffs in order to have faster re-buff.

Buffs 1 hours Gameplay: Buff slot 26+4 (Divine Inspiration)

Third class

As soon as your character is 76 level or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change that can be done at the NPC job changer "Carola" who stands next to the church entrance at Aden Castle Town or at Giran Harbor.

Rebirth System

Once a player becomes 78 level, he can choose to rebirth at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Your char will become level 40 and you will get a rebirth book but you will not lose your occupation. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths and olympiad, you can change them anytime you want.

Noblesse System

L2Cryptonite has its own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3x rebirths, 78 level and sub class you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become Noblesse. Those Raids appear to be on their retail spawn but also on the main Farm Zone.

Death Lord Hallate
Longhorn Golkonda
Shilen's Messenger Cabrio

Once you have collected all the items and your character is 78 level, you can go to the Noblesse Manager "Eddy Wally" who is located on the stairs at Aden Town or at Giran Harbor and become Noblesse.


Global Gatekeeper!

There is a Global Gatekeeper located in every Town & Village with name Mariola. All Teleports are free of charge!

Refine System

S Grade Armors and Apella Armor

Some things you need to know before you start to refine your armor.

-Refining of armor or jewels can not fail.

-As soon as 1 part of your armor set has a different % than the rest, you will lose your set bonus.

-You will not lose enchants on the armor or jewels if you refine it.

Rules Olympiad System

You can participate into Olympiad Games only from Heine Town.

Heine Town is a Ghost Town. This mean that you will able to see only your Char/Pet.

Olympiad Games Running everyday at 18:00 - 19:00 (UTC +2)

The maximum usable gear is A-Grade. Unlimited Enchant on Gear

Use if Rebirth Underwar is allowed.

Olympiad Games are Main Class & All Classes

Vote System

PK Manager

When a player gets more than 5 PK Points he risks loosing his items. To prevent that from happening use the PK Manager standing at Aden to erase your pks by offering him a few materials.

Other System / Info

Offline shop system

3 Clans per ally No clan penalties, Max lvl 8 clan, No need eggs for clan skills just reputation points.


High Rate Event

PvP (Solo) Event 16:00;21:00;00:00

Peace Zone Farm 17:00;20:00;00:00;03:00;10:00